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Student Alumni Meet

STUDENT ALUMNI MEET a.k.a. SAM, which is the annual flagship event of Student Alumni Relations Cell ( SARC), conducted in the month of October.

  During this event, alumni and students from all fields participate in events like Buddy Talks (to help students in overcoming the uncertainties, distinguished alumni from different sectors like Consultancy, Finance and Banking, FMCG, IT and Software etc are invited to give a talk pertaining to their sectors), Panel Discussion (thought provoking debates by alumni from various sectors on some of the despised, desired and debated topics in the institute today makes it an event not to be missed for sure), Beyond the Horizon (a platform for interaction with alumni who took the “Road Not Chosen” and followed their dreams), Break the Ice (face-to-face interaction between the ASMP mentors and their mentees) Cult Meet (cult is always an inescapable part of an iitbian, a cult person will surely love to get back to his/her cult group in the insti and relive again!), Sports Meet (indulge in the sports spirit once again with your batchmates and juniors), Mock Interviews (a chance where you/alumni get to train and give an experience of the job interviews to the placement junta/final year students) and many such events are hoisted.

  This year, SAM has also undertaken a social initiative wherein we would be carrying out a social campaign in order to address and bring about a change at its own level. Besides this there will be a chance for students as well as alumni to interact with the well known Alumnus NGO’s along with student owned NGO’s.