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Abhyuday Social Festival

Greetings from Abhyuday, the Social Activities Body of IIT-Bombay,
Abhyuday is the Social Body of IIT-Bombay with vision to provide a platform to youth for discovering social issues and address them to find solution. We carry out social events throughout the year and organize a 2-day social festival in 3rd week of January (tentatively 21-22nd January,2017 this year).
The theme of this year’s Social festival being ‘I am not disabled, I am differently abled’. It will provide platform to ‘differently abled’ people to showcase their talent through our cultural event.  The fest will also include lecture series from eminent personalities working for this Social cause. Also there will NGO exhibition and will exhibit technology for ‘differently abled’ person. 
Previous editions of the festival saw a participation of 5000 students from more than 150+ colleges and 50+ NGOs around the country. Numerous personalities including Aamir Khan, Padmabhushan D.R.Mehta, Joe Madiath, Anshu Gupta, Shailesh Gandhi, Sonam Kapoor,  Shraddha Kapoor and the entire Satyameva Jayate team have graced the festival with their presence in the past.
Here are the details of the 2-day Social festival:-

  • Cultural Event - We are organizing a Cultural event for handicapped children with a vision to provide them platform at IIT Bombay and also we envisage implanting a sense of fraternity into the youth of the country. Physically impaired children from different schools of Mumbai will perform at this event. 


  • Lecture Series - Abhyuday's Lecture series brings to you the finest people in the field of social impact. Here is a sort detail.
  1. Lecture on ‘Accessible technology and It’s Marketing’ by Shilpi Kapoor (founder of Barrier Break) -
    The vision for conducting this lecture is creating an inclusive society, a society where equal opportunity is provided and there is an ease of access to employment, education, social life, and encouraging independent living for all.
  2. Lecture by an IAS officer -
    IIT Bombay now has a huge community preparing for civil services examination. The speaker will guide youth preparing for UPSC civil service exam. Also aspirants will come to know about the various phases of bureaucracy.
  3. Lecture by an Paralympic medal winner -
    It will be a motivational speech that will encourage the physically impaired folks to move on in their life and achieve various peaks of success. It will also address people in general that every creature has different abilities. You should not generalize the definition of excellence.


  • Unsung Heroes - We are organizing an event named, Unsung Heroes. Event “Unsung Heroes” jointly promotes the stories of the heroes not well known, who had and are working tirelessly in the service of nation. These “Unsung Heroes” will share their life experiences and tell the audience what motivated them to work for society. 
  1. Sandeep Desai – An ex-professor of SP Jain Institute of Management Research who left the job to serve for the society. He raises fund from various public places like local trains, etc. and builds schools for deprived children in rural areas.  On an average, Desai collects around Rs 3,000 every day. He says "I usually begin after noon and end by 6 pm.”
  2. Praveen Tyagi – Also known as “Young Age Dronacharya”, born to a farmer of Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, he is the owner of IITians PACE Pvt. Ltd. Every year Mr. Praveen Tyagi provides IIT-JEE coaching to 50 girls free of cost who are picked from rural areas of Maharashtra. 
  3. Dr Subodh Kumar Singh- A noted plastic surgeon and the man behind Oscar winning documentary “Smile Pinky”,  Dr Subodh Kumar Singh is known for changing the lives of thousands of people born with clefted lips. His team has performed more than 17000 free cleft surgery. He has contributed greatly for the cause of poor and needy sick patients in this part of the country.
  4. Girish Sharma- is a living story teller who tells us that no matter what circumstances are, you can still be a Champion in your preferred field in your life. Despite having only one leg, Girish ranks No. 2 (in India) in both singles and doubles categories for physicallychallenged athletes. His biggest win till date is a gold medal in Paralympics Asia Cup for Disabled. 


  • Exhibition - Technical innovations from different esteemed colleges like IITs, NITs and IIMs will be displayed. Social start-ups and corps like Arcatron, Barrier Break, Jaipur foot, and various NGOs working for the betterment and reconstitution of physically challenged will be given a platform to showcase their various undertakings.


  • Workshop
  1. Creative writing workshop in collaboration with Terrible Tiny tales (TTT)
  2. Antarchakshu workshop in collaboration with XRCVC from Xavier’s college: Here the attendees will learn how technology can enable the visually challenged people to perform daily activities.  


  • Action Plan Competition-  Finale of this nationwide competition will be held during festival which started with a vision of challenging the participants to come up with an innovative and sustainable solution of the problems persisting in our society. It started with a participation of more than 1500 students and professionals and will include various NGOs and social incubators in judging committee.