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NR Kamath Lecture on “The Economics of Corruption, Black Money and Demonetization”

IIT Bombay organised Third NR Kamath Chair Public Lecture on December 9, 2016

Title:   "The Economics of Corruption, Black Money and Demonetization"

Prof. Kaushik Basu
NR Kamath Chair Professor at IIT Bombay
C. Marks Professor at Cornell University, New York
(Former Chief Economist, The World Bank)

Date:      December 9, 2016



The prevalence of corruption and black money in an economy slows down development and damages the moral fabric of society. To curb these heinous practices, passion and determination are necessary but not sufficient. We need data, analysis and economic theory. In the lecture, Prof. Basu examined what we can learn from these methods to address some of the most pressing challenges that India faces today. The lecture ranged from global experiences to India's recent demonetization policy.

Introducing Prof. Kaushik Basu

Prof. Kaushik Basu is NR Kamath Chair Professor at IIT Bombay, Professor of Economics and C. Marks Professor at Cornell University and was, till recently, the Chief Economist and Senior Vice President at the World Bank. Prior to that, he served as the Chief Economic Adviser to the Indian Government. A PhD from the London School of Economics, he has published widely in the areas of development economics, industrial organization theory and game theory. He is a recipient of several honorary doctorates, including from IIT Bombay.