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Techfest 2016

Techfest, IIT Bombay's annual science and technology festival is very popular amongst the masses for creating a visual spectacle year after year and this year was no different as it got established Asia's Largest Science and Technology festival patronized by UNESCO and UNICEF, with an outreach of over 2500 colleges across India and over 500 overseas. Kick started with a splendid start, Techfest 2016 witnessed a spectacular footfall of over 1,65,000 Tech enthusiasts. With many eminent personalities like Cosmonaut Rakesh Sharma, Mr. Peter Atkins, Mrs. Sharmila Tagore and many more gracing the event to share their views with the students the event proved to live up to the expectations of many who were dearly waiting for these 3 days. Mrs. Sharmila Tagore, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, took this opportunity to enlighten these bright young minds about women and children rights and what more can be done in order to ensure safety of women and children in the nation.

This year’s exhibitions was a hit with exhibits by Indian Army, Mahindra racing zone, ISRO and many more. This year, Techfest also organised the “International Summit on Internet of Things” on all the three days which saw very renowned people come to the campus and share their knowledge. The aim of the discussion was to create awareness among the audience regarding the evolving opportunities. Along with knowledge pouring in this year’s Techfest, it also saw a potpourri of enchanting events like All Terrain Vehicle, Power Zorbing, Land Zorbing, Footy Dart, Eliminator, Paintball, Go Karting and many more by international artists, mesmerizing setups, whacky competitions and funky workshops with a tinge of technology.  With the fields for competitions this year ranging from sustainability and design to advanced robotics to events based on pure sciences, Techfest had something in store for everyone. And as far as the entertainment section was considered, Techfest didn't leave any stone unturned. This year’s Techfest has a perfect blend of science and technology with the additive ingredient of entertainment, with presence of world’s most renowned artistes & their awesome work.

The 20th edition of the annual science and technology festival came to a closure with the spell bounding performance of “sonic snares”. The whole Techfest team beamed with pride and happiness but there was a hint of sadness as the great event had come to an end. This year also Techfest lived up to people’s expectation with its mesmerising performances, astonishing exhibitions, neck to neck competition and enjoyable lecture series.