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50 Years Reunion

The first weekend of 2017, from January 6th to the 8th will be remembered as one of the most special by the thirty plus members of the 1967 batch who attended the Golden Jubilee Reunion of their graduating class from IIT-B. 

The participants started arriving in the mid-afternoon on Friday to be greeted by members of the Alumni Association staff and the Reunion Organization Team. Friday evening was the first highlight of this fun-filled weekend, the Welcome Drinks and Dinner program at the magnificent Meluha hotel not too far from the campus. The revelry continued there in particularly high gear and the real fun stories of campus life started flowing along with the drinks followed by a super sumptuous spread of a feast.

 After the group photo session, the formal program started with an outstanding presentation by Director Devang Khakhar. He talked about the phenomenal growth of the institute in the recent past, its growth pangs and his vision for the future. There is a clear paradigm shift and an orders of magnitude difference between the IIT of 1967 and the IIT of today. It is a remarkable growth story that should make all lovers of IIT very proud. It was followed by  Ravi Mohan’s (alumnus) most informative review of the progression of India, IIT, and all of us a group and as individuals “from then to now” with characteristic thoroughness and detail. This was followed by a couple of the most passionate speeches by Glinka and Mrs.Damayanti Bhattacharyya. Glinka talked about the status of fund-raising for the N. R. Kamath Chair, inviting and challenging everyone to step up and contribute. Mrs.Damayanti spoke eloquently about the long term vision of the Alumni Association inspiring everyone to help out at a macro level doing anything they could in any capacity to help and enhance the IIT-B brand. All speakers talked about the need for fund-raising.

The informal valedictory session on Sunday morning turned out to be the most enjoyable beyond anybody’s imagination, thus ending the joyous reunion on a high note and the alumni  carrying with them memories to cherish for life.