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Introducing Prof. Rajesh Zele

Let us welcome, Prof. Rajesh Zele to the IITB Community. Professor Rajesh Zele is the alumnus of IIT Bombay, having completed his B.Tech. in 1989. He joined IIT Bombay as a Professor in Electrical Engineering Department after 22 years of industry experience.

Before joining IIT, Prof. Rajesh Zele was the Director at MaxLinear, developing the next generation CMOS RF and Mixed-Signal SOCs for Digital Cable and Satellite Communications. Dr. Zele has also served as the Vice President of MindTree, leading the team for Bluetooth and short range wireless transceivers. He founded the startup Alereon Semiconductors in Pune to develop ultra-wideband RF ICs for Wireless USB products. Before Alereon, he was the Director of Engineering at Zilker labs developing power management products. He established Austin Design Center for the startup FET and managed the technical team responsible for 10Gbps optical networking products. 

Dr. Zele has extensive background in wireless transceivers at Motorola, where he was IC design manager for the Talk-About radio platform. He has presented talks at various IEEE conferences and symposiums. He has written over 20 papers, co-authored a book chapter and holds 8 US patents. Dr. Zele received PhD in ECE from Carnegie Mellon University, MSEE from Oregon State University, and is also a Senior Member of IEEE.