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Institute Lecture on Biomedical Engineering & Technology (Incubation) Centre - BETiC

Institute Lecture on Biomedical Engineering & Technology (Incubation) Centre - BETiC 

IIT Bombay organized an Institute Lecture on “Biomedical Engineering & Technology Centre” on March 11,2017.

Prof. B. Ravi

Title      : Biomedical Engineering & Technology (Incubation) Centre - BETiC Lab

Speaker : Prof. B. Ravi, Institute Chair Professor, IIT Bombay

Date      : March 11, 2017


Biomedical Engineering and Technology Incubation centre (BETiC) is a multi-disciplinary facility in IIT Bombay that promotes rapid translation of innovative ideas from surgeons into high –quality low-cost medical devices suitable for the local population. BETiC is funded by the Rajiv Gandhi S&T Commission of Maharashtra Government and the Department of S&T, New Delhi.

Professor Ravi started his lecture with an insight to the concept and need of such a development centre. The BETiC Team worked closely with around 2000 expert physicians to bring together a number of ideas essential to the Medical World today. The scope and focus is to develop innovative devices that have a significant local requirement and for which the related R&D expertise is locally available. Devices representing all three classes (high, moderate and low risk) are taken up, such as orthopaedic implants, surgical instruments, accessories, diagnostics and rehabilitation equipment. The Centre includes state-of-the-art labs for bio-mechanics, medical modelling, 3D scanning, CAD/CAE/CAM, prototyping, pilot manufacturing, materials characterization, bio –mechanical testing, telemedicine and virtual surgery. With their motto as ‘Define Develop Deliver’ the BETiC team strives to bring such ideas into reality and conducts clinical trials of their products under close supervision by doctors. It has been successful in developing around 25 patents by far that have helped patients from all walks of life. The BETiC team aims social welfare above industrial benefits. The Centre is currently expanding to beyond its headquarter in IITB to various IITs and other colleges. 

About the Speaker:

Prof. B. Ravi is an Institute Chair Professor at IIT Bombay and heads E-Foundry and BETiC- Biomedical Engineering and Technology incubation Centre. He is also Adjunct Professor of NIAS Bangalore, Vice President of Governing Council of CMTI Bangalore, and member of advisory councils of BKLW Hospital Dervan, LNMIIT Jaipur and VJTI Mumbai. In the last 25 years, he guided 14 PhD and 75 Masters students, and contributed to two fields: Metal Casting Simulation and Medical Device Innovation through inter-disciplinary multi-institution translational research with over Rs. 50 crore funding.