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Kaladarshan, the annual fine arts and photography exhibition of IIT Bombay took place from 4th to 5th March, 2017. This year's exhibition was themed “Dreams Unboxed” aiming to spread across the message of not to contain ourselves within boundaries, step out and unleash the creativity within, for in dreams we enter a world entirely of our own creation.

This year's pre-exhibition publicity witnessed wonderful response from the institute. There were two installations - First, “Creativity isn't injurious to health”, a cigarette box with cigarettes replaced by crayons to spread across the social message that smoking is injurious to health and the time rather be invested in productive stuff or hobbies. Second, “Melting down to the same" a melting Rubik's cube depicting that creativity isn't only drawing or painting but all forms of innovation or new ideas in any field, may it be arts, technology or anything else. The “Out of the Box” DP campaign was quite a success too with the first ever involvement of Dean of Student Affairs online. This was a remarkable example of professors advancing with time and showcasing the student friendly environment in the campus.

This years we received around 200 artworks and 350 photographs. There was an incredible rise in quality and quantity of craftworks with entries from school pupils to professors. The two day exhibition witnessed a footfall of around 20,000. This year also saw a novel addition of “The Pupet Show” by the underprivileged children of Aman Day Care Foundation. The pupets were made by the kids of construction workers out of scrap and were showcased in the exhibition too. The Foundation teaches the kids for free and looks upto spread social messages through their puppet shows. Overall, Kaladarshan 2017 was a great get-together of art enthusiasts may it be kindergarten kids or professors or alumni.