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Alumni Student Mentorship Program (ASMP) open

We, the students of IITB, feel that our alumni who are at pinnacle of their careers can help us by their insight and vast experience of how things work professionally; as they have a deep understanding of current opportunities in their respective fields.

In this modern era of competitiveness, it becomes difficult for a student to choose the  right path in order to achieve the desired goals and the help you can provide as as experienced alumnus is unparalleled.

So what we have come up with is ASMP- Alumni Student Mentorship Program, where students are mentored by an alumnus depending upon the common interests of mentor and mentee and the number of students to be mentored by you solely depends on your comfort level. This can prove to be immensely useful for the students as they get to know about the pros and cons of choosing a career option and about various opportunities in their interest field. It also provides the alumnus with a platform to interact with the students on a one to one basis and stay connected with the Institute.

To register for the program: http://tinyurl.com/asmp2k17