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Introducing Prof. Ahonaa Roy

We are delighted to welcome Professor Ahonaa Roy to the IIT Bombay family. She joined Department of Humanities and Social Sciences last year.

She completed her B.A.(Honors) in Sociology from the University of Calcutta followed by a M.A. in sociology from the University of Pune. She has another master degree in Developmental Studies from the University of Sussex which she followed up with a PhD in the same subject from University of Sussex.

She has taught Sociology at the Department of Sociology, Delhi School of Economics as well as OP Jindal University. She has also worked with the Ministry of Health and has been a member of the National Urban Health Mission (NUHM). She is currently associated with IIT Bombay in the capacity of Assistant Professor of Sociology and Social Anthropology.

Her research  interests include topics such as Gender and Sexuality, Anthropology and sociology of body and embodiment, Medical Anthropology, Anthropology of Power and Violence, Post-colonial feminism, Southern Theory.

She is currently working on projects

1) Cosmopolitan Sexuality: gendered geographies and the ‘Other’ sexuality politics in the contemporary Mumbai.

2) Queer Diaspora, entangled Identity: South Asian rhetoric. 

Her future plans at IIT Bombay is to establish newer disciplines and new courses based on her expertise and make them vibrant in terms of social sciences.