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E-Cell IIT-B Plans to make an alumni entrepreneur network

We at E-Cell IIT Bombay feel that it’s our duty to unlock India’s latent inventive potential and sow the seeds of entrepreneurship among the leaders of tomorrow. Through our initiatives, we move a step closer towards achieving our vision.

Since the beginning, IIT Bombay has produced some of the finest leaders in the Industry. While the youngsters draw inspiration from them, there is always a need for a proper guidance and mentoring throughout their startup journey. Considering the fact that it is easy to trust people from the same community and those who have walked the walk, E-Cell is planning an initiative to create a network of alumni entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs from the Institute to help the students get a clear picture of the entrepreneurial eco-system. This will not only help in providing a solution to their problems but also act as a guiding torch in their startup journey.

We hope this initiative receives a warm response and cooperation from your side.

Kindly join network through the link below: