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Institute Technical Summer Projects (ITSP) kickstart

The Students Technical Activities Body (STAB) provides a unique platform for the freshmen of the institute to transform their ideas into technical projects through Institute Technical Summer Projects (ITSP).  

Started in 2012, each year it gives the freshmen first hand experience of working on a technical project under the mentorship of their seniors. Also, in the beginning of ITSP, STAB conducts a technical Boot camp where it conducts sessions based on various topics like Arduino, AVR, motors, sensors, image processing to equip the students with the required knowledge.

Every year ITSP has been a huge success among freshmen and some really interesting projects have come out through this initiative of STAB. This serves as major boost to increasing the participation and enthusiasm of students in technical activities. 

The Institute reimburses the cost of expensive electronic and mechanical components that are required to build the project. We see many enthusiastic students working for days together in Tinkerer’s Lab and/or from their rooms while frequently visiting local hardware stores and electronics shops in Lamington Road thereby gaining valuable hands-on experience in this high technology area.