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Introducing Prof. Preethi Jyoti

We are delighted to welcome Professor Preethi Jyothi to the IIT Bombay family. She joined the Department of Computer Science and Engineering last year.

She completed her B.Tech in Computer Science from National Institute of Technology, Calicut in 2006 and was awarded the Gold Medal in Computer Science. She received a PhD in Computer Science from The Ohio State University in 2013. She was a Beckman Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign from 2013-2016. During her PhD, she was a research intern at Google, Mountain View during the summer of 2011 and she spent the summer of 2010 at the Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago as a visiting student. 

Speaking about her research interests, she mentions that her broad areas of interest include automatic speech recognition (ASR) and machine learning as applied to speech. Regarding recent developments in her area of interest, she says that ASR has been revolutionised in the last decade due to remarkable advances in machine learning and computing hardware. She adds that ASR is a socially significant problem, as it has the potential to make technology accessible to users with disabilities or users who cannot read or write in their native languages. Hence, bringing advances in ASR to Indian languages can have a huge impact.

About her future plans at IIT Bombay she told us that one of her primary research interests is developing speech processing techniques for limited-resource languages (which applies to most Indian languages that only have limited resources to build state-of-the-art ASR systems), together with addressing broader technical challenges that emerge in this setting.

When asked about how to enhance student engagement in class, she said that she believes classes should be interactive and not just monologues by the instructor. During her classes, whenever possible, she likes to include videos as well as demos of practical applications relevant to the topic being discussed and this tends to hold the students' attention.

In her spare time she likes to listen to music and enjoys outdoor activities like hiking (which, she mentions, she does not get to do as often as she would like).