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Introducing Prof. Sujit Jogwar

We are delighted to welcome Dr. Sujit Jogwar to the IIT Bombay family. He joined the Department of Chemical Engineering as Assistant Professor on December 21, 2016.

He received his undergraduate degree (Bachelor of Chemical Engineering) from the Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai (formerly UDCT) in 2006 and PhD. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Minnesota, USA in 2011. Subsequently, he worked in the R&D Advanced Control department of Praxair Inc. and as an Assistant Professor in the Chemical Engineering at the Institute of Chemical Technology. He has over 10 years of research experience split between industrial R&D and academia. 

Dr. Jogwar is a recipient of Dr. G.P. Kane (Mumbai) University Gold Medal (2006), prestigious Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship from the University of Minnesota (2010-11), DST INSPIRE faculty award (2013-18) and Smt. Padma Kelkar Endowment Award for Encouragement to New Chemical Engineering Faculty (2014).

His research is directed towards developing design, scheduling and advanced control tools for sustainable processes, with special emphasis on energy integration.

At IIT Bombay, he intends to build a strong research group focusing on the development of flexible (allowing for smooth transitions in dynamic market conditions), optimal (consuming minimum material and energy resources) and resilient (robust to external disturbances and uncertainties) sustainable processes. His research aims to provide fundamental advances to the problems that are at the core of active research in process systems engineering as well as target the design and control problems identified through industry collaborations. His research also aims to provide a setting for the effective training of undergraduate and graduate students in fundamental research cutting across applied mathematics and control theory.

He believes that learning is an active process and therefore he believes that to engage students by offering them practically motivated projects. He also advocates for few industrially visits to be arranged depending on the course content to demonstrate practical aspects of learning.

In his spare time Dr. Jogwar likes reading, travelling and following sports. When he was in the United States he devoted his spare time working as a volunteer for a non-profit organization ‘Vibha’, which used to support underprivileged children in India. He also adds that he would love to continue with similar activities whenever such an opportunity presents itself.