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Abhyuday exhibition - Transformation of Mumbai : From Mills to Malls

Abhyuday, IIT Bombay had organised an exhibition Transformation of Mumbai : From Mills to Malls, on 11th, 12th and 13th of June. It was an interactive, thought provoking exhibition telling the story of the 1982 Great Bombay Textile Strike and its impacts on the city culture. It also made people ponder upon the repetition of the history in IT industry in present world. 

The exhibition experienced footfall of more than 200 people in these 3 days.Visitors were from diverse age groups from children to adults. Unlike other exhibitions it did not follow the same conventional method of illustration,  rather data visualization method was implemented in which there was a major use of weighing scale, representing “balance of justice”. Considering the scenario, as the sole reason for the strike, to get justice to needed people. So to bring symbolism it was prefered. This was a success as everyone understood the  origin and consequences of the strike and each mind was left with a question mark, that why such an important strike was buried deep down the piles of files and left unnoticed, why justice is still not given after 35 years of strike, who is accountable to this scenario government, mill owners or common man itself, what should be done so that history does not repeat? These were just some of the questions that left the audience thinking. Campus school students also explored the exhibition, making them curious about whereabouts of  mumbai’s history and how a strike affected huge number of population. Main aim of the exhibition was to raise questions in mind of common people and to acknowledge them as to what their city has gone through and it does not stop here, seeing the current scenario it could be easily concluded that there is resemblance in the former situation and current one, as a lot of people are fired from the IT industry and it's effects can be seen in the increase of the rate of cybercrimes. If the question is not raised now in the demand of a answer then it would be too late to do anything later on.

.. After the exhibition, reviews were also taken from the visitors. Most of them found the concept and the way of depiction amazing and innovative. One of  attendees quoted that, “ This is a great way to elucidate an event whose repercussions are evident even today. Good work by the Abhyuday team putting up a great exhibition and explaining it effectively.”

The guest of honour for this exhibition was Smt. Sampada Mehta, District Collector and Magistrate of Mumbai. She thoroughly enjoyed and found it very informative and appreciated the efforts that the team had put in to set up the exhibition. Being in the administration section, the Exhibition made her ponder about the issues that had come up during that time and what measures can be taken so that justice can be provided. Abhyuday IIT Bombay presented her plant sapling for her esteemed presence and gratefulness, Team also interacted with her and told her about the activities we do. She was astonished by the efforts we put in to bring social change and was keen to collaborate with us in the near future.

Abhyuday is the social body of IIT Bombay. Started in 2013 it is a platform to discover the social issues and social work going on, a place to get inspired and involved. It was our first event of this year which was success in terms of creating awareness amidst different sections of the society .