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Design and Degree Show 2017 held by IDC

The Design & Degree Show (DDS) of Industrial Design Centre, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay was held from June 9 to June 11, 2017. The Design & Degree Show 2017 is a much-awaited event in the annual calendar of the Institute. Noted animation filmmaker and national award winner Mr. E. Suresh inaugurated the DDS 2017 at 9.30 am on June 9 at Lecture Theatre Complex, IIT Bombay. DDS this year was a dual celebration for IDC as the premier design institute marks the completion of ten years of its Master of Design programs in Interaction Design and Animation Film Design. To honour this milestone, the first two days of the event were host special talks by experts from these two disciplines. Some of the speakers at the Design Conference were: E. Suresh, Vaibhav Kumaresh, Deshna Mehta, Henry Skupniewicz , Abhimanyu Kulkarni , Sajal Nagwanshi, Vijaybahu Joshi and Chirag Gander. The event was also attended by a professionals from different streams of design, writing, art, media, academia as well as design students from various institutes and organizations.

The three-day exhibition, as a part of the Design and Degree Show, was a huge success where about 20 eminent designers  from IDC’s five disciplines -- mobility and vehicle, product and industrial design, visual communication, interaction design and animation -- have displayed their innovations. The solutions range from metro-specific ones, like a digital Dharavi app, to those designed for rural areas, like coiling tools for bamboo craftsmen, or a visual guide for expectant mothers. From a foldable bicycle to modified seating space in cars that can convert them into temporary ambulances, 64 students from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay’s Industrial Design Centre have put up exhibits that merge design into various aspects of life and make it simple.

“The exhibits this year are much closer to actual implementation, especially those on healthcare. The kids get about four months to work on this project. Therefore, the brief is never to make products that are marketable. The idea is to train them in aspects of design,” G.V. Sreekumar, professor and head, IDC, said. “But this year, six to seven products are almost ready for actual implementation.”

Patient Chair
A properly designed patient chair is a primary need of dentist but while conducting dental camps the transportation of the chair becomes problematic. A postgraduate student of Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB) has come up with a solution for this chair portability problem. Arun Shah, who is in his last year of Masters in Design in Industrial Design programme offered by the IITB, has designed a Portable Patient Chair for dental camps to meet dentist’s needs.
Modern brick making
The unorganised brick manufacturing industry employs more than three million workers in the country. The labour-intensive industry involves three major tasks: mud preparation, brick moulding and brick firing. Quashif Niyaz Ahmed Qureishi’s product is a cumulative system that reduces drudgery in brick-making. The second-year industrial design student explains that the product ensures that jobs are not eliminated but helps in reducing the bending, sitting and walking that adds to the worker’s physical stress. Mr. Qureishi’s system includes a cart that brings the mud to a workstation where the worker, in a standing position, can place it into the moulds. Then, the worker can press a pedal to lift the mould and automatically place it in a tray with a mesh that helps in evenly drying the brick as well as leave its imprint, making the brick better at holding the mortar.
Umesh Wagh has created ‘Nirvyaj: Unconditional Love’, a seven-minute clay animation film. Two men on the set made of clay, a toy scooter made of wood and two tiny houses formed Mr. Wagh’s set in the 12-frames-per-second film. “Every emotion of the faces of the men were sculpted. It meant that each second of the film that you see on the screen took me three hours or sometimes more to shoot.” says Mr. Wagh. Essentially, his film is about loving unconditionally and creating a world of joy and happiness.
Special wheelchair
Lavendra Shukla has designed an adjustable wheelchair that helps a cerebral palsy patient move easily. Given that these patients have little muscular control, the wheelchair, with a strap system, can also be placed on a toilet seat easily. The idea is to design a wheelchair that provides better transportability and transferability.