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IIT-Bombay wins 25th Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition (IGVC)

A team from the Innovation Cell of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay has won the 25th Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition (IGVC) that was held at Oakland University in Michigan, USA. 

Qualifying on the opening day of the competition, the IIT-B team performed exceptionally in all the three challenges with a near-flawless run in the prestigious event this time. The vehicle ‘SeDriCa’ participated in all three events and secured first place in the Autonomous Navigation Challenge, second place in the Design Challenge, second place in the Interoperability Profiles Challenge and were placed first (overall) in the pool of 29 participating teams from 5 different countries Scoring 88 points out of the total 96, it beat the first runner-up, a Japanese team by 32 points. “SeDriCa – an acronym for Self-Driving Car is a 63-kg three-wheeler motor operated vehicle with a gearbox and it took over six months to build the car at the cost of 17,000 US Dollars.

The team was mentored by Professor S N Merchant from Department of Electrical Engineering and Professor Ramesh Singh from Department of Mechanical Engineering. The team was led by students Ankit Sharma and Rishabh Choudhary. Other members of the team are Anjan Kumar Patel, Ravi Jain, Vatsal Kansara, Surya Teja, Krishna Sandeep and Rohit Bhor. The team got most of the funding from IRCC, IIT Bombay.

This has been billed as "the best performance till date" by any Indian team and also raises the bar for IIT-B across all similar competitions.