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'Break the Ice' held

The first event under Alumni Student Mentorship Program was organised on 26th and 27th of August at VMCC, IIT Bombay. This event kickstarted the mentorship experience for a lot of mentors and mentees registered in the program.

‘Break the Ice’ is as the name suggests, the first event to get the mentor mentee pair to know each other well. Lunch was also organized for the participants. This was the first stop in a series of events or checkpoints in ASMP (Alumni Student Mentorship Program). This will be followed by constant interactions, a shadow program and meet ups. 

A little about the shadow program:

Shadow program is an integrated mentoring approach. A shadowing visit provides a full range of career exploration opportunities, one-on-one interaction between the mentor and the mentee, and an opportunity to develop an organizational relationship for the mentee. 

The role of the mentor is to provide a one-time job shadowing experience.

During this time, you should provide time to answer questions about your job, career path, education and industry; conduct a tour of the work environment; and allow the student to observe you conducting daily tasks and responsibilities.

To know more about ASMP, please visit asmp.sarc-iitb.org or contact Himanshi Garg: +91 7597307822