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Distinguished Alumnus Colin Gonsalves Awarded The ‘Alternate Nobel Prize’

Senior Advocate and HRLN founder Mr Colin Gonsalves has been awarded the 2017 right Livelihood Award, widely known as The ‘Alternative Nobel Prize’.

The Right Livelihood Award is an international award to “honour and support those offering practical and exemplary answers to the most urgent challenges facing today”.The prize was established in 1980 by German-Swedish philanthropist Jakob Von Uexkull and is presented annually in early December. The award was given previously to many people and organisation like Syria Civil Defense for their outstanding bravery, compassion and humanitarian engagement in rescuing civilians from the destruction of the Syrian Civil War.

The announcement of the award was made at the international Press Center at the Swedish Ministry for foreign affairs by Ole Von Uexkull, executive director of the Right Livelihood Award foundation.

Mr Gonsalves graduated from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay and soon was enrolled at the Bar in 1982. He along with his colleagues started people’s Law Center in mid 1980s aiming to provide free legal aid. After that it was renamed as Human Rights Law Network.Later on it has grown into leading public interest Law group in India with 200 lawyers and 28 offices across India.