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Institute Lecture on ‘Relevance of print media and the challenges ahead’

IIT Bombay organised an Institute Lecture on Tuesday, September 26, in P.C. Saxena Auditorium, IIT Bombay. The lecture was delivered by Mr. Anant Goenka who is the Executive Director of The Indian Express Group on the topic ‘Relevance of print media and the challenges ahead’

Mr. Anant Goenka graduated in brand management from the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California and was awarded Dean’s scholarship for his Masters degree in print journalism from the Annenberg School of Journalism. Mr. Goenka frequently writes in The Indian Express and often hosts the popular Express Adda. His piece on Punjab drugs, The Indo-Pakistan border parade and most recently, his piece on the Future of Media, was widely shared.

Print media has been the major source of profoundly analysed, unbiased information, strongly backed by ethical journalism. But the situation has changed and for worse. Nowadays, most news organizations find it difficult to avoid sensationalized or exaggerated stories in their competition for readership. This exaggeration comes at the cost of accuracy which media bodies should ideally ensure. The arrant disregard for veracity has even led to a proliferation of scandalous fake news everywhere from online platforms to print issues. The absence of unbiased news is another menace with its cause rooted in the struggle for attracting readers. Since the onset of social media, the attention span of readers has alarmingly decreased. This has only aggravated the problem as now it’s impossible to present an unprejudiced and complete picture without the average reader losing interest.

In light of these challenges, how should the print media houses proceed without compromising the quality and authenticity of the news is indeed a question to be pondered. These are some questions that the lecture cum discussion tried to answer.