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Avenues 2017 organized by Shailesh J. Mehta School of Management

'Avenues' is the annual International business festival organized by Shailesh J. Mehta School of Management, IIT Bombay. Alankar is the global leadership summit, where leaders share their success stories to motivate the young students.

The 2017 edition of Alankar, being held from October 27 to 29, kickstarted with an interactive session with actor and producer Raveena Tandon. Her passion and humour seemed contagious. She inspired the students with her life choices, stories and her work in myriad fields. “It is time we stop sugar quoting,” she said about making movies like Mitr that disturb and shake up the crowd. Pertinent issues such as rape, social stigma and deforestation were also addressed.

The actress spoke about the power of brain and how one can achieve if we don’t give up.

Raveena Tandon filled the crowd with enthusiasm and made them believe that every person can make a difference, regardless of the resources they own. She further urged the students to start a chain, spread it around so that it makes a full circle.

Noted journalist Rajdeep Sardesai delivered a candid and awe-inspiring speech. He spoke about the evolution of journalism since the quieter age of newspaper reporting. He was sanguine about India’s aspirations and emphasized it as the driving factor behind success. A cricket enthusiast himself, Rajdeep Sardesai shared insightful analogies which have been an integral part of his life and also the theme of his new book.

He further emphasized on the capacity of people to overcome adversity. While imparting the audience about three kinds of happiness, he urged them to enjoy the happiness that emanates from grabbing the moment in the journey of life. He encouraged students to see people as individuals, pay less heed to issues which divide the society and start addressing the real problems of the society.

The second day of Avenues 2017 saw the organisers as well as students immersed in a series of events, fun activities and sports. Alankar, the Global Leadership Summit, started with a spirited session with the passionate and talented choreographer Terence Lewis. The session was dotted with anecdotes, stories and humour while emphasising on the path to sidestep comparison.

Terence advised the students to either do something very well or to leave it. He urged the students to be in touch with reality, explaining how it is pertinent to have a goal, breaking it down to small goals and adding a method to it. He left the audience with a thoughtful quote to help them make their choices, “If you can say no, then do it.”

The session concluded with a free-spirited dance of Terence Lewis with the rejuvenated audience.

Alankar session continued with the dedicated and determined Apurva Purohit, the President of Jagran Prakashan Ltd. that owns publications like Dainik Jagran, Mid-Day and Radio City. She explained how women, men and organization are three equal points of the triad of diversity. She further stressed on hard work and the 5Ps for success: Process, Purpose, Perseverance, Positivity and Personal Accountability.