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Institute Distinguished Lecture on 'Challenges and Opportunities for Chemical Engineers To Sustain the Global Impact of the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry'

The Indian Institute of Technology Bombay organised an Institute Distinguished Lecture in memory of Prof. C.V. Seshadri on November 23, 2017 titled “Challenges and Opportunities for Chemical Engineers To Sustain the Global Impact of the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry” by Dr. Amit Biswas, Executive Vice President, Integrated Product Development, Dr. Reddy's Laboratories.

Below is the brief abstract:

The Indian Pharmaceutical Industry is growing at a rapid pace, with an expected revenue potential of USD 55 Billion by 2020. Approximately 70% of the revenue potential is expected from exports to more than 200 countries worldwide. However, pharmaceutical manufacturing capabilities have not kept up with global needs, in terms of technology. This is where Chemical Engineers can play a key role in sustaining the global impact of Indian Pharma. Specific areas of development, scale-up and manufacturing of drugs and medicines will be highlighted in the presentation, where application of Chemical Engineering principles and tools are likely to create significant impact. This should translate into India continuing to play the role of being the “Pharmacy to the World”. 

About the speaker :

Dr. Amit Biswas has 24 years of diverse and rich international experience, spanning academic and industrial research, product development, technical service and management of research & technology in the areas of pharmaceuticals, engineering polymers and plastics, high performance fibers and coatings, and alternate energy technologies. He worked earlier with companies like DuPont (USA), ICI India and GE Advanced Materials.

Prior to joining Dr. Reddy’s, he worked with Reliance Industries as Senior Vice President, Technology Services & Emerging Technologies - Reliance Technology Group, and was responsible for design and implementation of Research & Technology Management processes, Business Transformation & Change Management, including Safety, Health & Environment, and interfacing with private/public institutions on Alternate Energy Technologies.

Dr. Biswas is a Master Black Belt in Six Sigma (GE Certification). He is also a member of various councils viz. National Chemical Laboratory (Pune) Research Council, Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (Hyderabad) Research Council and IIT Bombay Advisory Council. Recently, he was made an Adjunct Professor at the IIT Bombay Centre for Research in Nano-technology & Science and has 44 international publications, 3 book chapters and 4 patents.

Dr. Biswas is a Ph.D and Masters in Polymer Science from Case Western Reserve University, Ohio, USA; and a Bachelor of Technology in Chemical Engineering from IIT Bombay.