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Memorandum of Understanding with OCAD University, Canada

IIT Bombay signed a Memorandum of understanding with OCAD University, CANADA  on 26/10/2017.  In order to promote co-operation the two institutions agree to encourage direct contact and mutually beneficial cooperation between their respective faculty and administrative staff from Industrial Design Centre (IDC) and OCAD.

The institutions propose to to enter into a bilateral exchange in research and curriculum development between IDC and OCAD University. The objectives consist of:

  1. The Development  of curriculum and research at an international level subject to the respective institutions’ government protocols.
  2. The regular exchange of information between faculty representatives from both institutions in order to share pedagogical practices and to enable the progress of the collaboration.
  3. The exchange of information and research between students from both institutions in order to learn from the cultural similarities and differences.
  4. The rigorous tracking and sharing of observations and findings by each institution for both documentation and reflective purposes.
  5. The dissemination of the research findings and the results of the cross-institutional, international collaboration.
  6. The laying of groundwork for the possibility of a large scale project in the future.

OCAD University  formerly the Ontario College of Art and Design, is a public university located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The school is within the Grange Park neighbourhood, and adjacent to the Art Gallery of Ontario. The school is Canada's largest and oldest educational institution for art and design.OCAD U offers courses through the Faculties of Art, Design, Liberal Arts and Sciences, and alternative programs. The enabling legislation is Ontario College of Art and Design University Act, 2002.

The University's beginnings stretch back to the project of the Ontario Society of Artists whose objectives included the development of art education in Ontario. The Ontario Society of Artists passed the motion to "draw up a scheme" for a school of art on 4 April 1876, and the first School of Art opened on 30 October 1876, funded by a government grant of $1,000.