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The 21st edition of Techfest was held from 29th to 31st December, 2017. It was a hugely successful festival which attracted and hyped the crowd but also equally impressed one and all by it’s grandeur. It has always been an ideal platform for each and every tech-savy person, irrespective of whether the person wishes to display his expertise or he wants to gain the intricate details about the technology on display.

This year, Techfest achieved a record footfall of 1,75,000 with an outreach to 2500 national colleges and 500 international ones. In the process Techfest also garnered 5,00,000 likes on it’s Facebook page and retained the tag of most Liked College fest of India.

Some of the highlighted events were :-

Social Initiatives and Pre-Fest Competitions

SHE :- A broadly widespread initiative which aimed at educating the women of our country about the menstruation cycles and bust the illogical but relevant myths in our society.

Nirbhaya:- It was an initiative to teach the girls to be self-sufficient in defending themselves from any physical assault they may face in this society with rapidly dwindling safety for woman.

SOF Innovation Challenge :- A proud moment for Techfest to associate with NSO for conducting its initial round of the competition aimed at inducing out of the box solutions to grave problems, in the National Science Olympiad.  


It was a glorious moment for Techfest to bring the first robot citizen of the world for the first time ever in India for an interview session. In addition, dignitaries like Shri Manohar Parrikar and Shri Jayant Sinha graced the stage, child prodigy and the youngest IBM developer Tanmay Bakshi was a major attraction and Nobel laureate Randy Schekman delivered a keynote.


Shri Manohar Parrikar inaugurating the International Exhibitions was a defining moment for Techfest. Exhibitions this year witnessed a plethora of grund-breaking technologies from across the world.  Lightest satellite to belaunched by Space Kidz India was exhibited along with moon rover of Team Puli, a finalist of Google Lunar XPrize, from Hungary. Other revolutionary innovations on display were Fable Robot(modular formation), Nao Robot, Hypervsn( holographic technology) and many more.  


Robowars was scaled up exponentially and hence became the biggest competition in India of it’s kind. With international participation from 7 teams, the event garnered an overwhelming media attraction in the press conference. But the defining moment was an Indian team Blanka Botz which emerged victorious amidst tough international competition. Other major competitions like International Robotics Challenge, International Sustainability Challenge and Ideate also were a huge hit.

Technoholix and Ozone

Technoholix this year got a major makeover by changing it’s base to the Gymkhana grounds for Day 3. Marnik, three times producer of Sunburn anthem, performed to a crowd of 15,000 on the New Year Eve. His concert was opened by an Austrian launchpad artist named Sountec. The first day had Mirror family, who mesmerized the crowd by their artistic mastery with lights and reflections. Day 2 had a special screening of the recently released second installment of Jumanji franchise.

Ozone department had quite a few updates this year. It brought Augmented Reality Wall for the first time ever in India. Other interesting additions were Fulldome.pro, Sony PS4, Ubisoft JustDance, laser tag and much more.        

All-in-all it was another magnificent Techfest which held true to it’s enormous hype.