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Abhyuday 2018

A message from Team Abhyuday:

Abhyuday is the social body of IIT Bombay, which aims to sensitize people for adopting socially conscious outlook. We take initiatives to create a positive social impact through our campaigns, events, competitions and provide a platform to the volunteering for a good social cause.

As it is well said “The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”

There are various people singing on footpaths, local trains, railway bridges most of these are physically challenged, who are considered beggars are not given due place in society. NGO Swardhar has been providing the platform to these talented unsung heroes of society & making society realize their "Dignity of Hard work". Abhyuday, IIT Bombay with the help & support of "Akriti Kakar" organized a "Concert For A Cause" a Fundraiser with the help of Ketto to help this NGO Swaradhar to impact many such lives of unsung heroes on 21st January 2018. This would be a one-month fundraising campaign on the platform of Ketto.

We request you all to donate funds generously  in support of those physically challenged, poor talents that go incognito in the local trains. In Spite of the appreciation, they get acknowledged with everyone’s disdain!

Please visit this link to help us in raising funds and know more about the cause


We truly appreciate your support. Please let us know if you have any questions or any suggestions.

Here's what happened at the annual social festival:

Turbulent times like today bring forth in mind Nelson Mandela’s quote, “To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity.” Abhyuday is the social body of IIT Bombay that aims to sensitize people for adopting a socially conscious outlook, working towards a prosperous sunrise thus being candid to its name. Although Abhyuday encompasses a large plethora of activities throughout the year that intend at modeling the youth to work towards solving the world’s social problems, the grandest highlight of the body is its annual fest, attracting hordes across the human spectrum. With the titular theme, ‘Enabling Humanity with Human Rights’, Abhyuday organised the 5th edition of Annual Social Festival in IIT-B on January 20th and 21st, 2018. This 2-day Social Extravaganza held a powerful portfolio of impactful events, exhibitions, lectures, workshops and competitions to instil a sense of responsibility in the youth towards the society and to create awareness about basic human rights.

The change kickstarted on the first day with inspirational talks by Mr. Mahesh Sharma, the the founder of Shivganga Ashram, and Mr. Afroz Shah of the largest global beach clean-up project fame on the topic ‘Clean Sea and Clean Air’. There was a workshop on policy making that offered a 2-day certificate course. The workshop on the art of pitching, ‘Action Plan’ sowed a new seed of the 3-I mantra of ‘Ideate-Innovate-Implement’ in audiences’ mind and three of the Socio-X lectures blazed the day, given by legends like Medha Patkar, Shilpi Kapoor and Nupura Kirloskar, and Padmashree Dr. Prakash Amte and Dr. Mandakini Amte. There was a cancer screening camp arranged for women in the morning. While the crowd was inspired and challenged at the Women Empowerment Conclave, it couldn’t get enough of its bearings as the people held on to their bellies while laughing out loud at the Stand-Up Comedy, Poetry and Story-telling event, Awaaz. Kalamanch, the online art and photography contest touched on topics of women empowerment, child rights, workers’ rights, drug abuse, and discrimination. Adhikaar, the inter-collegiate debate saw students battling with words on the Human Rights front. The Audio-Visual Maze at the SOM back lawns and the NGO exhibition at the SOM foyer entertained everyone from morning till evening and the first day of this spectacular event was concluded with the screening of the movie ‘Newton’.

The pace of the fest did not slow down for the second day as IIT Bombay started its Sunday morning of 21st January with the opening ceremony of Action Plan and the bone-chilling yet mind-flaring finale of the debate competition, Adhikaar. The Kashmir activist Sushil Pandit and the Vanashakti NGO Project director and Wetland Warrior Stalin Dayanand motivated the captivated audience during their talk sessions. ‘Drishya: A journey to safer India’ helped open people’s eyes to the facts about road accidents and ‘Rainbow Diaries: LGBTQ+ Awareness Talk’ opened people's minds beyond conservative and heteronormative thought. The afternoon was pumped with the Changemaker series featuring the UN Environment Goodwill ambassador Dia Mirza, YES Bank Foundation CEO Prerana Langa, and the India Today Editor (Special Projects) Kaveree Bamzai; these talks aimed to create awareness about shining the spotlight on those that needed to be seen, the vulnerable and street children, and passing the mike to hear the ideas that needed to be heard about India’s future. That was shortly followed by the closing ceremony of Action Plan workshop with a talk by the founder of ‘Sounds of Silence’ and the Social Entrepreneur of the year 2015, Sumit Singh Gandhi and the fourth Socio-X lecture by the IIT-B Alumnus and ISCKON leader, Gauranga Das. There was a workshop on ‘The power of Happy Thoughts’ in the morning and one on disposable and reusable Sanitary Pad making in the afternoon. While the SOM foyer and back lawns were still packed, showing that the crowd did not get enough of the NGO exhibitions and the Audio-Visual Maze on the first day, the second day ended with a Concert for a Cause with the mellifluously stunning Akriti Kakar singing in support of Swaradhaar, a group of differently abled talented artists whom Mumbai colloquially calls ‘beggars’.