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Alumni-Student Open Discussion: 'Cryptocurrencies and their effect'

At Student Alumni Relations Cell, Dean ACR Office, IIT Bombay, we have always tried to come up with the best platforms to promote student alumni interaction. We believe that the knowledge of alumni in the form of experience and the vivacious ideas in the young minds of students can come together to create a platform where the exchange of ideas results in a better view on things.

To foster the spirit of good ideas and insights on particular topics, we have come up with the concept of having an alumni-student open discussion on a range of topics. We will be starting this series from the next month and we hope to continue this further.

The hot topic of discussion around that has been the centre of controversy, curiosity and has many heads turned is ‘Cryptocurrencies’. The topic for the discussion will be ‘Cryptocurrencies:its effect on various sectors and its future’. We are inviting all alumni who are interested to be a part of the discussion to come to the campus next month and be a part of a congregation of curious minds and walk away learning or gaining insight about something new.

Register at: https://goo.gl/forms/MZ6bsVkLvCkIpzbI2 

For more details contact: Taveesh Garg 7889282178

                                         Samyak Jain  7045800192

For further updates, please visit: www.facebook.com/SARC.IITB/