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Annual InSync Dance Show

The Annual InSync Dance show was held in the Convocation hall on Wednesday, the 24th of January. In Spite of having a strong urge to dance, many students feel so shy that  they restrict them to their rooms. But Insync give an ample opportunity to explore the interest in dancing. Right from the very first event, it helps in nurturing the interests in this genre of cult. With ranges of dance being from Bollywood to Hip-Hop, from Kathak to Punjabi, from Contemporary to Jazz, and Salsa, Insync try to convey the emotions with dancing. InSync, the dance club of IIT Bombay provides an ample opportunities to move up the dancing ladder. Be it inter-hostel competitions,workshops,performance showcases or professional stages;InSync brings in excitement with every forthcoming event. Similar is the event happened this month. InSync, the dance club of IIT Bombay, brings the Annual InSync’s Dance Show. Started in 2006, AIDS is a platform for all the dancers of the institute to showcase their talent and live their passion in front of an audience of 3000+ people. Months of planning and 20 days of practice & hard work by a team of more than 100 dancers, go on to build one night memorable for the audience as well as for the performers. This is one event where you find friends and make memories that last for a lifetime. 

AIDS has come a long way since its launch in 2006. The dancers have evolved, choreography has matured, themes have improved and so has the execution. But one thing that has grown disproportionately is the risk appetite. AIDS’18 had 10 performances in total which included performances from professional crew as well as from NGO to enlighten topics such as Rape, Child Labour, and they paid off. There were more than 3000 people waiting to enter by 7pm itself and it took hardly 6 minutes for convocation to burst out of seams. Professional quality videos interlaced with posters did their job pretty well. Crowd will itself tell that Publicity has done its job pretty well. Hip-Hop, Professor’s performance, classical masterpiece, and more. It’s commendable that Team Vibes was able to pull off so many great performance in the practice that they got. There were more than 60 people in the opening performance, as its freshmen performance. It has been for the first time that so many freshmen had participated with such enthusiasm.

As the curtains slid, the audience was greeted with Comedy performance. What a way to begin the show! This has to be, by far, the most energetic acts I have ever seen. The best welcome sequences till date at AIDS. The energy was palpable and the convo went berserk with the brilliantly choreographed & performed act. Great formations, good use of props, well synchronized, good costumes, perfect pick of tracks. Welcome sequences are very tricky as they set the tone for the night this was one of the best acts of the night!  It’s a bold theme to carry and the performers did complete justice to it. Again, costumes and tracks were very well chosen. The act had an electric start with leather jacket clad ladies. Jazz-funk portion was very neat! The act slipped later with a little loose choreography in certain portions. Nevertheless, the act was bold and hence risky, but was pulled off really well. Then came Indian. This was about a foreigner who came to see india but eventually became part of different forms of Dancing. And to top this, you have a well-executed jugalbandi between Bharatanatyam, Garba, Bhangra, Tolly and many more. It was not only a visual delight, it was one of the smartest concepts of the night. Hip Hop was itself at another level. Classical performances are usually considered boring and have a niche appeal but this time they act proved everyone wrong, in their face!

The act began with a wow formation. Hip Hop has come a long way at IIT and this act just upped the ante.

The organizing team played a bold role for taking so many risks, delivering the promised, executing a tough AIDS and most importantly, keeping the momentum going. Each performance had great costumes, props, structure and video.