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IIT Bombay Initiates Public Bicycle Sharing Service

Public bicycle sharing service called Zoomcar PEDL has been initiated in IIT Bombay campus on February 20, 2018 in the gracious presence of Prof. A. K. Suresh, Deputy Director (Academic and Infrastructure Affairs), Prof. P. M. Mujumdar, Deputy Director (Finance and External Affairs) and Prof. Soumyo Mukherji, Dean (Student Affairs). It is an endeavor to build an ecofriendly, clean and green campus.

Zoomcar PEDL is a technology-enabled smart bicycle sharing service by Zoomcar, which allows users to rent bicycles on hourly basis. It allows an user to rent cycles by the hour or day. These cycles come with real-time GPS tracking and solar battery charging.

To make this initiative successful, PEDL has brought over 150 cycles at 30 locations in the campus, including all hostels and academic blocks. This service would help residents commute within the campus.

Cycles can easily be booked for commuting by using Zoomcar mobile application. Once booking is done, the allotted cycle unlocks automatically and becomes available to the user. At the end of a ride, user needs to lock the cycle and end trip in the application.