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Kaladarshan 2018

Kaladarshan, the annual fine arts and photography exhibition of IIT Bombay took place from 17th and 18th March, 2018. This year's exhibition was themed “An Underwater Odyssey.” This edition of Kaladarshan was a tribute to Ocean as a Creator and Sustainer of Life. This imperceptible but discernible bond between water and life is surely an artist's thought! 

As a precursor to the main exhibition a photo booth ‘Aqua Aura’  was set up near the LC-LH Complex which received a huge response from students and other institute residents as well. This was followed by the annual road painting at the NCC T-point which saw enthusiastic participation as well. 

This year there was an incredible rise in quality and quantity of craftworks with entries from school pupils to professors. The two day exhibition witnessed a footfall of around 20,000. Continuing the novel tradition from last year, we also witnessed “The Puppet Show” by the children of Aman Day Care Foundation. The puppets were made by the kids of construction workers out of scrap and were showcased in the exhibition too. The Foundation teaches the kids for free and looks up to spread social messages through their puppet shows. Kaladarshan 2018 was a great get-together of art enthusiasts may it be kindergarten kids or professors or alumni.