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Institute Lecture by Professor V.Balakrishnan

Institute Lecture on "Scaling behaviour, scale invariance, and power laws in the natural sciences"
The Indian Institute of Technology Bombay organised Institute Lecture on 11 April

                   Title: Scaling behaviour, scale invariance, and power laws in the natural sciences

                                                       Speaker : Prof. V.Balakrishnan

                                                         Professor Emeritus, IIT Madras

Abstract: Starting with elementary examples drawn from several fields, it is shown how scaling behaviour is ubiquitous in the natural sciences. In order to demonstrate the generality of the notions involved, attention is then focused on three specific (and very different) instances: scaling behaviour in equilibrium statistical mechanics; scale and conformal invariance of electromagnetism and power law recurrence-time distributions in nonlinear dynamics.

About the Speaker:
Prof. V. Balakrishnan studied at the University of Delhi and Brandeis University, USA, from wherehe got his PhD in theoretical particle physics in 1970. After working for a decade at TIFR and RRC Kalpakkam, he joined IIT Madras as a professor of physics in 1980, and retired as Professor Emeritus in 2013. His research has spanned many areas over the years. His current research interests lie in stochastic processes, quantum dynamics and nonlinear dynamics. He has published numerous research papers in these areas and a number of pedagogical articles. He is a co-author of Beyond the Crystalline State, and the author of Elements of Non-equilibrium Statistical Mechanics Mathematical Physics, and A Miscellany of Mathematical Physics. Over nearly four decades, he has taught a wide variety of very popular courses at the undergraduate, master's and doctoral levels. His lectures at numerous courses sponsored by the UGC, SERC and ICTP have been well-received, and his NPTEL video lecture courses have received very high acclaim. He has held visiting positions at several institutions abroad. He was elected a Fellow of the Indian Academy of Sciences in 1985.