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Memorandum of Understanding


 Ecole normale superieure Paris-Scaly, operating name of ENS Cachan, and Indian Institute of Technology Bombay have begun a strong scientific cooperation, especially with the Specification and Verification Lab (LSV) of ECole normale superieure Paris-Saclay, in the framework of an International Associated Laboratory, then of an International Research Unit: ReLaX - Research Lab in Computer Science, Indo-French Research Unit, which gave rise to several joint publications, student mobility, professor mobility and which allowed to develop research work and to take part in international projects. ENS Paris-Saclay is a leading institution of higher education whose mission is to train teaching researchers, researchers and graduate-level course instructors through research-oriented masters programs. The institution's 12 teaching departments and 14 research units focus on three main areas: basic sciences, engineering sciences and human and social sciencesThe purpose of this Memorandum of Understanding is to describe the nature of the cooperation between the Parties, which agree to work together to promote:
1) Joint teaching and research projects;
2)The exchange of higher education staff (teaching researchers, researchers and administrative personnel);
3)Student exchanges;
4)The promotion and organization of scientific and cultural events;
5)Document exchanges, as appropriate;

Other specific agreements shall be established on a case-by-case basis to establish specific conditions for each of the actions undertaken between the Parties (mobility, scientific collaboration, double-degree programs, etc.).
In their cooperative efforts, the Parties agree to:
1)Facilitate student exchanges.
2)Encourage, in accordance with the rules in effect at each institution, personnel mobility (including teaching, research and administrative staff), to develop Joint academic and scientific collaborations.
3)Encourage scientific collaborations, in particular in the frame of joint international supervision ("cotutelle") of doctoral theses.
4)Facilitate the Joint organization of scientific meetings (seminars, symposia, conferences, etc.).
5)Exchange scientific and teaching personnel.

Each of these cooperative actions must be detailed and formalized in a specific agreement signed by the Parties.
Mode of Operation and Responsibilities
1)Each of the Parties shall delegate an administrative officer responsible for ensuring the Memorandum of Understanding is applied effectively. Each Party shall designate a dedicated contact person for each specific agreement.
2)The Parties shall promote this Memorandum of Understanding to their staff and students.
3)The Parties shall proceed with regular consultations to assess the development and progress of shared activities and ongoing actions, and identify new opportunities for cooperation.
4)The Parties shall pursue all reasonable means to obtain sufficient financing for the application of the Memorandum of Understanding.
5)Each of the Parties shall make an effort to extend a warm welcome and provide sufficient guidance to exchange personnel and students, ensuring their cultural and social integration with their host institution