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Portal for Project Allocation

In order to aid the students who are interested in taking up research projects in summer/during the semester and who are willing to work under professors, EnPower has come up with a portal - PPA (Portal for project allocation).PPA helps in floating different projects and their details uploaded by professors of almost all the branches covering different fields of study and research.PPA allows students to explore the projects that are available and match with their fields of interest uploaded by different professors in a much organised manner.
Till last year, Academic council used to coordinate a summer research programme called SURP (summer research undergraduate program).This year, they have come up with PPA. After obtaining the project details from the professors, in order to act as an interface between the professors and the undergraduate students this ensure that the information reaches the students in an organised fashion.
PPA floats projects throughout the year which is much more dynamic and directly connects the faculty with the students also being hassle free .PPA also helps the professors to select students of their preference who have applied for the project.