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ChEmference 18 and Research Scholars' Symposium '18

The eighth edition of ChEmference ’18, a prestigious national conference for young researchers in the field of Chemical Engineering and Technology and an in-house Research Scholars’ Symposium (RSS ’18) was conducted from May 18, 2018, to May 20, 2018, by the department of Chemical Engineering IIT Bombay.
The conference aims to bring together the rich experience of academicians and brilliant young minds and share their stimulating research. Each delegate would be able to
muster a detailed view on chemical engineering and related research of current industrial relevance. By attending the conference, one would be able to uncover how applied chemical
technologies are being actively patronized by the industry to solve complex process problems at the manufacturing scale.
ChEmference* is a well-acclaimed, national level conference in the field of Chemical Engineering and Technology in India. It vies for the promotion of young research talent and opens up an opportunity to showcase their innovative ideas or concepts before eminent academicians and industry professionals. Starting from the year 2008, the event has been successfully organized by seven different Institutes namely, IIT Kanpur (2008 and 2010), IIT Madras (2009), IISc (2011), jointly by IIT Bombay and ICT Mumbai (2012), IIT Hyderabad (2015) and IIT Gandhinagar (2016). This year, IIT Bombay is set to take forward the initiative of organizing the eighth edition of ChEmference (ChEmference '18) on May 19 and 20, 2018.

Research Scholars’ Symposium (RSS)** is an annual conference exclusively organized by students under the doctoral program of Department of Chemical Engineering, IIT Bombay, under the aegis of Chemical Engineering Association (ChEA). The event envisages building a synchronized outlook between the research at the Department and industrial R&D. It offers a unique platform for identifying relevant industrial applications arising out of high-quality research work carried out by the students. This year, IIT Bombay is set to organize the eleventh edition of Research Scholars’ Symposium (RSS ’18) on May 18, 2018.
As part of ChEmference '18 and RSS '18, an industrial exposition featured advanced products and allied technologies in the area of chemical engineering and
technology. Major companies participating in the event include Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC), Aditya Birla Group, Tata Research Development and Design (TRDDC), Allied Scientific Products, Biolinx India Pvt. Ltd.and Xcelris Labs Limited.