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Memorandum of Understanding

The purpose of this Agreement is to further the mutual understanding between Shailesh.J.Mehta School ofManagement and the Graduate School of Management KyotoUniversity (Kyoto GSM) to enhance each Institutions teaching, learning and internationalization objectives. The Shailesh.J.Mehta School of Management and Kyoto GSM agree to institute this Student Exchange Agreement under the following terms:

1) Durational Stay of the Exchange Students

a) In general, the duration of stay as the exchange student will be for one semester. With prior approval by both institutions, students may be permitted to study for 2 semesters. If this is the case, 2 students for one semester shall be equivalent to one student for one full academic year.

2) Number of Participants and Reciprocity

  • The Shailesh.J.Mehta and The Kyoto GSM will exchange up to 2 students for one semester from each institution, unless this number is varied by mutual Agreement. The maximum number of the students per each institution’s academic year is limited to 2 in total.

  • Both institutions will review this student exchange programme annually for any imbalances in the number of exchange students, and will adjust the number of students over the duration of this agreement, as necessary to maintain balance in student exchange.

3) Selection of Participants and Admissions

  • The home institution will select applicants from its institution for exchange. The host institution will reserve the right to make final judgement on the admissibility of each student nominated for exchange.

  • Only graduate students who have already completed at least one semester in their home programme before going to their student exchange programme are eligible for this programme.

  • Participants in exchange programme shall be selected by their home institution and officially nominated in writing by their home institution. An acceptance package including all necessary forms for admission and course registration will send to the student ,c/o the Student Exchange Programme Administrators at institute.

  • Study at the Shailesh.J.Mehta School of Management will be conducted in English. Study at Kyoto GSM will be conducted in Japanese and English. Students of Shailesh.J.Mehta School of Management can select one or both of the classes conducted and English or Japanese .If they have appropriate level of language proficiency.

  • Students participating in the exchange programme will continue as candidates for degree of their home institution. Transfer of credits for work undertaken at the host institution will be subject to discretion of their home institution.

  • The exchange student will have same rights and privileges, and be subjected to the same rules and regulations as the student of the host institution.

  • Each institution reserve the right to require the candidates to complete the standard application document and to provide result of screening at their home institution and full information of candidates necessary for student exchange programmes, including academic records and other personal information.

  • Student participating in exchange will provide a list of available courses as early as possible. Primary academic counselling will have the responsibility of their home institution prior to the registration period.

4) Financial

  • All exchange students will have to be registered and paid the ordinary tuition fee at their home institution. They will not be charged for examination fees, matriculation fees and tuition fees at the host institution.

  • All payment for travel, medicine insurance and expenses, accommodation, food books and supplies shall be the responsibility of the individual participant.

  • If requested, student selected for the student exchange programme shall satisfy the host institution that they have adequate funds from their home institution as well as for additional living costs during their enrolment at the host institution apart from those cost already specified in the agreement.

  • Any incidental fee for services over and above those specified in the agreement shall be borne by visiting student. These fees shall be not higher than those normally paid by students at host institution.

  • All participants in the exchange programme shall pursue adequate medical and travel insurance prior to depart from their home country.

5) Renewal,Termination and Amendment


  • This Agreement will commence from the date of signing, and continue thereafter for a period of 5 years subject to revision by mutual agreement.

  • For condition not covered by this Agreement, or for problems that arise during the course of this Exchange Agreement, both institutions agree to refrain from unilateral action and to consult and negotiate mutually acceptable decisions.

  • Amendments to this agreement may be made anytime by correspondence and only when agreed upon by both institutions.

  • Either institution may terminate this agreement by giving notice in writing to other institution of not less than 6 months.Any student who may have commenced at either institution before the date of termination may complete the courses of study by special agreement between the 2 institutions.

  • If this agreement is not cancelled by either side with 6 months advance notice, it will continue for another term.