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Stress Management


Title: Stress Management

Yoga instructor: Shri Nitin Patki CEO, New Age Yoga Institute, and QCI level-2 yoga teacher, IIT Alumni.

The Yogastha Wellness Club of IIT Bombay is organizing series of event such as lectures,

workshops, yoga research symposium, movie screening, practice session for the Yogathon challenge etc. as part of 'International Day of Yoga' celebrations to be held on June 21, 2018.

About the Workshop:

The workshop includes open discussion on the Physiological explanation of Stress, Effects of

Stress, What is Stress Management, common thoughts related to stress, right-thinking habits to be developed, Positive habits for Stress Management at all levels, Physical, Mental/Emotional & diet.

Practical techniques like Sukshma vyayam, check post meditation, antar mouna, kayasthairyam, bhrukuti sandhanam, 6 spinal movements, nadi shodhan, bhramari, nasikagra drishti, chidakasha dharna.