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Alumni Student Mentorship Programme

Alumni Student Mentorship Programme opened for student registrations on 28th July.

ASMP, an initiative by Student Alumni Relations Cell aims at creating a platform to foster meaningful mentoring relationships between alumni and current students. ASMP achieves this objective by bringing together alumni mentors and student mentees and conducts various events to enrich their mentoring experience.

The primary objective of this program is to give the students someone they look up to, someone who has been through the same difficulties and troubles they seem to have gone through, someone just like you, the alumni of this prestigious institute.

An ASMP mentor is both, a guide and a friend who shares his IIT education and professional experience to pave the way for current students to succeed at IIT and the life beyond.

 This program is the ideal way for alumni to give back to your institute by passing on the baton of knowledge to the future of the institute. His vast treasure trove of knowledge,  successes and failures, all of this can be passed on to the student mentees so that they can be shaped into the leaders of tomorrow.