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Introducing Prof. Sudhseel Sen

Prof. Suddhaseel Sen completed his Bachelors and Masters degree in English from Jadavpur university and then went to the University of Toronto to complete his PhD in English and South Asian studies. His research work in both these disciplines focused on cross cultural exchanges and in English was on shakespeare adaptations in Indian and European languages. On finishing his Phd, he went to the University of British Columbia on a Post doctoral fellowship, which he quit to start work on the Phd in musicology. His current research is on exchanges between Indian and Western musicians in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries

He returned to India after completing his coursework, in order to take up a position as assistant professor at Presidency university in Kolkata and after 4 years joined IIT Bombay.

He is writing a book based on his work on Shakespeare adaptations, and the musicology PhD which will be completed by end of this year and he hopes to offer courses here in western music and perhaps more specialized one for those interested in specializing in sound engineering.

Talking about his spare time which is mostly devoted to language studies, something which he had been doing since his school days, this multi-talented professor also plays orchestral music and hopes to get back to composing and arranging.