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Coming Full Circle ‘Demystifying Shailesh J Mehta’

The Student Alumni Relations Cell (SARC) organised the first ‘Coming Full Circle’ Talk of 2018, interviewing Dr. Shailesh J. Mehta on 10th August. ‘Coming Full Circle’ is an event that celebrates the achievements of the esteemed alumni of the institute and his journey from the hallowed corridors of IIT-B to heading the multi-billion dollar companies. The talk focused on his experience and his academic life at the institute and the skills he developed that enabled him to make the best out of his situation. Shailesh J Mehta is the brain behind the educational marvel that has been integral to this institute for over two decades, providing world class education and a plethora of opportunities to explore beyond the technical core disciplines in the institute. The session also involved his vision for upcoming years and his motivation for opening a management school in the campus. At the conclusion of the talk an interactive Q/A session was held where he entertained queries from the audience and gave his opinions on significant matters.