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Memorandum of Understanding with Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

This Memorandum of Understanding is made between the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology(RMIT) of 124 La Trobe Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000, Australia and the Indian Institute of TEchnology (IITB) located in POwai, Mumbai 400076 Maharashtra, India.

The aim of this memorandum is to record an understanding between RMIT and IITB, by which RMIT and IITB may cooperate in establishing closer links that may involve:
Exchange of faculty staff members and research scholars in areas of mutual interest at individual, departmental or university level
Organisation of joint conferences/symposia on projects of mutual interest
Collaboration in research exchange projects
Exploring the development of summer programs(not exceeding 6-8 weeks)
Collaboration in research projects and programs(including multi-partite arrangements with industries in both countries)
It is the wish of the parties that the closer links established may eventually lead to collaborations in the agreed areas.

This Memorandum of /understanding becomes effective from the date the last signature is affixed, and is valid for 5 years unless terminated by the written notice of either party. This Memorandum of Understanding may be renewed for a further period if agreed in writing by both parties