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Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

As we all are heartily aware that this is our institute's Diamond Jubilee year, a number of celebrations were cherished throughout the world in the name of this momentous milestone. Multitudes of host cities sparkled under the lights of IIT-B Diamond Jubilee festivities. These events transpired to discuss a future roadmap for IIT-B and share the story of IIT-B’s evolution over the years.

In the US of A, the Diamond Jubilee celebrations were orchestrated on both coasts. Along the east coast, Chicago was met with a crowd of around 100 alumni who gathered for lunch on 20th October and more than 300 Alumni attended the celebrations at New York on 21st October. Many distinguished Alumni were felicitated in recognition for their remarkable work followed by the  Gala dinner. Our alumni along the west coast veritably proved how much dear our beloved institute is for them when over 600 Alumni attended the Gala Dinner at California and the Faculty Alumni Meet faced a crowd of more than a hundred .

In India, celebrations were hosted at Bangalore (26th October) and Hyderabad (27th October), while Pune and Delhi hold their breaths in anticipation where the events will be hosted on 3rd and 17th November respectively.