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Documentary Screening: MoonBound and live interaction session with TeamIndus

Tinkerers' Laboratory and Institute Technical Council in collaboration with Discovery Channel and TeamIndus organized a documentary screening and Live interactive session with members of Team Indus on Friday, 26th October 2018. Space exploration to the moon has been going on since the 1950s and missions are still being planned for the exploration of the moon. Currently, there are only a few private institutions that are capable of such an exploration mission. TeamIndus happens to be one of them.

It is India's only team who has reached the finals of the Google Lunar Xprize challenge. Currently, they are building the world's first private mission to the moon. Team Indus was founded in 2011 and currently are a team of 130 crew members. They have made it their mission to send a robotic explorer to the surface of the moon. The speakers were Yogeshwaran Jayarama who is part of the Guidance, Navigation and Control subsystem at TeamIndus and John K John, TeamIndus Skywalker, Spacecraft Structures who is working in team Indus as a Structural Engineer for Design, Integration and Testing activities.