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Institute Award Lectures by the IIT Bombay Research Award recipients

Institute Award Lecture Series is a series of talks given by the recipients of the IIT Bombay Research Awards. The details of the lectures are given below:

Venue: Lecture Hall No. 22, Second Floor, Victor Menezes Convention Centre

Date and Time:2nd November 2018, Friday, 3:30 pm onwards

Prof: Sourav Pal, Department of Mathematics
Talk Title: Canonical decomposition of a tetrablock contraction

Prof. B. Krishna Das, Department of Mathematics
Talk Title: Dilation of commuting operators

Prof :  (Ms.) Asmita Mukherjee, Department of Physics
Talk Title: Probing the quarks and gluons in the proton

Prof: Pradeep R. Nair, Department of Electrical Engineering
Talk title: Will the Sun finally shine on Perovskite solar cells?