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Mr Hemant Kanakia throws light on the Manufacturing Revolution in India

Hemant Kanakia is an electrical engineer and high-technology investor. Sonalde Desai is Professor of Sociology at the University of Maryland and Senior Fellow, NCAER.

Through this article in The Hindu they have voiced their opinions about the scope of additive manufacturing in the Indian manufacturing ecosystem.

The article says that Make in India would work rather better as with an extension that is Make in Indian Way. We need not simply copy the American style Detroit model fuelled by massive capital investment or the Chinese way fuelled by cheap labour to boost manufacturing in India.

Some aspects of additive manufacturing which is an extension of 3d printing such as low capital cost and a more distributed network of manufacturers spread along the entire expanse of the country go well in the favour of the Indian startup ecosystem and therefore encouraging this practice in India can lead us to our way on our own industrial revolution.

The link to the article is given below: