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Reunions and Alumni Day

The Reunion sprawled over a span of 3 days consisting of Silver Jubilee Reunions, Decennial Reunion and several other reunions of the batch of 1962, 1963, 1968, 1978, 1988, 1993, 1998, 2003, 2008 and 2013 and finally ending with the Alumni Day on 23rd December 2018. It was a melting pot of plethora of exhilarating and invigorating activities and events. This included joint sports activities, hostel and department visits, networking events, cocktail dinners and a whole bunch of informal activities.  The occasion also hosted some great professors from the times of the student years of the alumni to honour and felicitate them as well as reviving some hidden memories.

The occasion was graced with the presence of 1000+ ex-students. ‘Distinguished Service Awards’ were bestowed upon D.C.Agrawal (batch of 1969), Dr Rajkumar. P. Singh (1975), and Ravishankar G (1990) for their notable contribution to the progress of the institute. The Chapter Service Awards were conferred on six alumni - R Srinivasan (1973), Sanjiv Sood (1983), Deepam Morparia (1985), Nitesh Dixit (2003), Sanjay Bhandari (2004) and Santosh Bhoosthali (2007).

A whopping total of 250 million in Indian rupees was pledged by the Silver Jubilee Batch of 1993. This magnanimous donation comes by a batch of ex-students as the single-most in the tradition of reunions. This is also one of the largest corpus donated by alumni to any alma mater in India. This fund is pledged by nearly 140 students, out of the 850 students in the batch. Abhay Pandey, General Partner at A91 Partners (CSE, B.Tech, Hostel 8)  has been the largest contributor in 1993 batch with his Rs 10 crore donation.
The 1992 batch gave donations worth Rs 9.4 crores and the batch of 1998 announced that it will now give Rs 1.2 crores to the Institute.

These funds go towards a number of endeavours grand and small in the service of the Institute and the current students. A number of legacy projects related to upgrading of-study facilities for students, labs as well as student scholarships are funded through this initiative.  Alumni have expressed a desire that the money should be used well and feel that students in India deserve the same kind of quality education which they were lucky to get from their Institutes.