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MoU between Tashkent University of Information Technology and IIT Bombay

The parties will be subject to the laws, rules, regulations, procedures and national policies governing the subject matter in their respective countries, endeavour to take necessary steps to encourage and promote cooperation in the following areas:

  • Undertake to encourage and facilitate the exchange of academic staff, teachers, experts and students of programs that will be of mutual benefit to the Parties;

  • Undertake to further develop bilateral programs in technical, vocational and higher education hat will mutually benefit both Parties;

Details of any exchange program shall be arranged through the respective designated authorities and shall be subjected to the approval of the Parties, provided that the exchange of any staff,student or material may not be necessarily simultaneously reciprocated.


Tashkent University of Information Technologies in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, is one of the largest universities in Uzbekistan. The Tashkent University of Information Technologies was founded as the Tashkent Electro Technical Institute of Communication in 1955 and it was the major and only producer of communication engineers for the Central Asian region. Today, it is one of the major universities to nurture ICT talent in Uzbekistan. The university was named after Al-Khwarizmi by a presidential resolution to further boost its role within the nation and abroad.