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30th Swimathon

IIT Bombay Sports conducted the 30th edition of Swimathon on 4th May at the New Swimming Pool.

The 30th edition of Swimathon - a 12-hour non-stop swimming marathon was conducted jointly by IIT Bombay Sports and IIT Bombay Aquatics at the New Swimming Pool starting at 5:30 pm on 4th May to 5:30 am the next day.

The biggest, longest and most anticipated event of the swimming calendar, it saw much participation not just from students but also from the faculty and other residents of the campus. All the 54 people who participated gave it their very best efforts. A total of 26 people completed the challenge of swimming for either 12 km or 12 hours, with 23 people completing the entire duration of 12 hours in the pool. This event demanded everything; skills, patience, and endurance from its participants and it can be said with certainty that it is no paltry task. Persisting for 12 hours continuously is not only physically exhausting but also mentally and emotionally taxing. In this regard, much support was given to the contestants from their friends and family.

The overall champion of the event was Ayush Thakur who covered 27.5 km in 12 hours. The girl champions were: Mrudula Bagul, who covered 20.1 km in 12 hours (Campus resident) and Richie Garg (student), who covered 12.1 km in 12 hours.