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The 31st edition of Phonathon-

A telephonic marathon will be organized by the Student Alumni Relations Cell, IIT Bombay from 31st May to 9th June to connect with our alumni and inform them about our various initiatives.

Telephonic marathons will be organized by Student Alumni Relations Cell under the Dean of Alumni and Corporate Relations to give volunteer students the opportunity to interact with our alumni over a phone call to inform the alumni community about our initiatives and events over the year and at the same time get to know about life outside the institute, future prospects and even an insight into the campus life back in their time. Some of the pivotal agendas that will be covered are reunions, Alumni Student Mentorship Program(ASMP), Industrial Learning Program(ILP), Alumni Sports Day, SARC blogs, Core talks, Provachan and Alumination events.

DURATION: 31st May to 9th June