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Institute Technical Summer Projects

Students will kickstart the execution of their projects under the ITSP initiative, organized by the Student Technical Activities Body (STAB).

Enthusiastic teams will return to the institute by the first week of June to transform their ideas into technical projects through Institute Technical Summer Projects (ITSP), organized by the Student Technical Activities Body (STAB). Students have a chance to stay on campus, learn about Arduino, AVRs, motors, sensors, image processing and what not! During the limited time of roughly 7 weeks, the students must ideate, innovate and execute for the successful completion of their project.  ITSP provides the students with the opportunity to explore their technical interests and to turn their innovative ideas into reality. Intriguing discussions, both online and offline, debugging night outs, review meets, Lamington visits – all in all, it’s a lot of learning, exposure, and fun for those interested. In addition to all this, the entire cost of the project is reimbursed by the institute, thereby eliminating all the cost barriers that restrict students from taking up technical projects.