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Annual Phonathon, XXXI

Phonathon is a telephonic marathon organised by the Student Alumni Relations Cell (SARC) under the Dean of Alumni and Corporate Relations, IIT Bombay for the students to connect with our alumni. Some of you must have received a call from our volunteers in the last few days and we hope that you had a good conversation!

The event took place over a span of 10 days (May 31 - June 9). We had many agendas to be covered like Reunions, Alumni Student Mentorship Program (ASMP), Industrial Learning Program (ILP), Core Talks, Alumni Sports Day, Alumni Day and the SARC blogs. While the reunions are the only batch specific events, we would be overwhelmed if you could contribute to the other initiatives.

They are as follows-

Alumni Student Mentorship Program (ASMP):

We, the students at IITB, feel that our alumni who are at the pinnacle of their careers can help us by their insight and vast experience of how things work professionally; as they have a deep understanding of current opportunities in their respective fields. In this modern era of competitiveness, it becomes difficult for a student to choose the right path in order to achieve the desired goals and the help you can provide as an experienced alumnus is unparalleled.

So what we have come up with is ASMP- Alumni Student Mentorship Programme, where students are mentored by an alumnus depending upon the common interests of mentor and mentee and the number of students to be mentored by you solely depends on your comfort level. This can prove to be immensely useful for the students as they get to know about the pros and cons of choosing a career option and about various opportunities in their interest field. It also provides the alumnus with a platform to interact with the students on a one to one basis and stay connected with the Institute.


The SARC blogs are composed of not only the notable alumni from the Institute but also the memories cherished by the alumni. Through these blogs, we make people aware of the work our alumni are doing in different fields, how they have contributed to the Institute and also how the Institute has evolved over the years with each graduating batch. We request you to contribute to the blog by means of pictures, videos or any other format. We would be humbled if you would be willing to write a few articles for the blog as the guest alumnus writer.

ILP (Industrial Learning Program):

ILP( Industrial Learning Program) is an initiative to provide students with opportunities to use their academic expertise in solving real-time industrial problems. We require you to provide us with certain problem statements from your experience at the workplace. These will be floated amongst the students as winter and summer projects who will reply to you with their solutions.

Mock Interviews:

These are pre-placement interviews arranged for final year students to guide them for the upcoming placement season. Because of the experience and expertise of the alumni of IIT Bombay, it is really helpful for them if an alumnus interviews them as a recruiter and later gives them feedback and suggestions. This gives them more confidence in facing this crucial phase of their life.

Core Talks:

These are a series of interactive sessions, conducted by the alumni. Students get to know about the opportunities existing in their respective departments, the scope for higher studies, and anything and everything related to their core field.