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Alumni Student Mentorship Programme (ASMP)

Alumni Student Mentorship Programme is an initiative by Student Alumni Relations Cell which provides a platform to foster meaningful mentoring relationships between alumni and current students. ASMP brings together alumni mentors and student mentees, while also conducting various events to enhance the mentoring experience.

There are three events organised by ASMP, which include: Break the Ice, Group Mentoring and Shadow Programme. Break the Ice kickstarts the mentoring process by organising a lunch-meeting for the mentor and mentee, which also fosters a personal interaction between the two. In Group Mentoring, mentors are invited to interact with 4 or 5 students to give them insight into career options of their interest. Shadow Programme lets mentees have a taste of the professional life of mentor alumni working in the industry they are interested in by arranging a visit to the workplace of the mentor.

ASMP will launch on August 2 this year. A most useful tool in the career-decision-making process, it also helps forge a strong bond between alumni and students, thus being one of the most indispensable units of SARC.

The link for the mentor registration is: http://acr.iitb.ac.in/ASMP

We look forward to your participation in our mentorship programme.